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What Are Aluminium Foil Alloys

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The choice of aluminum foil alloy in different applications is different. The popular ones are 1060, 1100, 3003, 5011, 8006, 8021 and 8079. They are used in electronic capacitors, air conditioner, food packaging, heat sealing,etc.

The choice of aluminum foil alloy in different applications is different. Electronic aluminum foil is aluminum foil for electrolytic capacitors, which can be divided into anode foil and negative electrode foil. Electronic aluminum foil is high-purity aluminum foil. It is hot-rolled from refined aluminum (high-purity aluminum) aluminum ingots into aluminum sheets, and then further cold-rolled and annealed. The common alloy grades are 1100, 1070 and 3003 aluminum foil.

The alloys of aluminum foil for food packaging are 1060, 1100, 3003, 8011, 8021, etc. Compared with 8011 aluminum foil, the tensile strength of 8006 aluminum foil is higher, which can reach 125-135. At the same time, the cupping value and elongation of 8006 aluminum foil are also much higher than that of 8011 aluminum foil.

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Aluminum foil for pharmaceutical packaging is mainly 8011, 8021 and 8079 aluminum foil. The tempers are O, H14, H16, and H18. The product thickness range is 0.016-0.2mm. It has flat shape, grade A brushing, high cupping value, and few pinholes. It is widely used in blister packaging, tropical blister packaging, pharmaceutical bottle caps and other fields.

Aluminum bottle cap material has been widely used in beverage bottles, wine bottles, cosmetic bottles, medicine bottles, etc., due to beautiful appearance and pilfer proof function. As the main anti-theft cover material, 8011 aluminum alloy requires not only good deep drawing performance and low ear-making rate, but also a certain strength after baking in the bottle cap making process.

Heat sealing performance is the most important performance of aluminum foil. Generally speaking, there are several important factors that affect heat sealing,including heat sealing temperature, heat sealing strength and heat sealing layer thickness. The heat sealing temperature affects the heat sealing strength, and the thickness of the heat sealing film in the heat sealing layer plays an important role in the heat sealing effect. Aluminum foil sealing film is a composite material with sealing performance and anti-counterfeiting effect. It can also prevent product contents from evaporating and contaminating. 1235 and 8011 aluminum foil are used for this application.

Generally, two types of aluminum foil are used in heat exchangers of air conditioners: one is ordinary aluminum foil and the other is with hydrophilic coating. The hydrophilic aluminum foil can choose 8011, 3003 ,1145 and 1100 aluminum foil.



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