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Aluminum Foil Battery for Sale

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Aluminum foil battery is is used as a current collector for lithium-ion batteries. Haomei offers 1235/ 1050/1060/1070/1100 aluminum foil for you. Learn more.

What is aluminum foil battery

Aluminum foil battery is is used as a current collector for lithium-ion batteries. Typically, the lithium-ion battery industry uses it as the positive current collector. With the rapid development of power batteries and energy storage, the market demand for lithium battery aluminum foil like 1235 aluminum foil has grown significantly. The latest research in the lithium-ion battery industry has found that the charge-discharge characteristics of the battery can be improved by etching and roughening the surface of the aluminum foil.

This plays an important role in the development of rechargeable batteries for hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles, as well as rechargeable batteries for power storage for wind power generation and solar power generation.

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Different types of Lithium batteries

There are mainly three types of lithium batteries: square, round and soft pack. The core materials used by them are not very different. The main difference is that the soft pack battery uses an aluminum-plastic composite film shell, while the cylindrical battery and the square battery both use a metal shell.

How to produce qualified battery and aluminum foil

Compared with ordinary aluminum foil, lithium battery aluminum foil has great differences in technology research and development, source smelting, impurity treatment in production, slitting and packaging, etc. Usually, the establishment of a new lithium battery aluminum foil production line requires professional talents to form a R&D and production team.

Next, the high-precision production equipment and a high-standard production environment is required. Finally needs to follow the production system of the automotive industry. For producing qualified battery aluminum foil, Haomei Aluminum has introduced 5 German Achenbach rolling mills, and the thinnest aluminum foil can reach 0.0045mm.

Lithium-ion VS sodium ion battery

Due to the relatively high positive electrode potential of lithium batteries, aluminum foil is generally used as the positive electrode current collector for the aluminum foil can the current collector from oxidizing. The sodium-ion batteries cannot completely replace lithium-ion batteries, and they are mostly used in fields with relatively low energy density requirements by virtue of their cost advantages, such as energy storage, low-speed electric vehicles, etc.

Battery aluminum foil alloys





Inner Diameter(mm)

Outer Diameter(mm)

1070 1070A 1235 1100 1060 3003 HL07 HL08 HL09








It is determined by mutual negotiation.

Thickness Diviation

Width Diviation


Thickness Diviation Tolerance

High-precision grade

Normal grade



+/-0.5 mm

+/-1 mm

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