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Wrapping Battery in Aluminum Foil

Publish: Modify: May 20, 2022Author: From:  Haomei

The need for soft battery keeps increasing every year. 8079 aluminum foil is a key material for wrapping battery in aluminum foil. What are its advantages? Learn more.

Due to the growing demand for lightweight vehicles in recent years, high energy density and lightweight have become the development direction of future vehicle power batteries. Under the current technical standards, cylindrical cells, square cells, and soft-packed battery have become relatively mature power carriers in the field of pure electric passenger vehicles.

Soft pack batteries have multiple advantages such as good safety performance, light weight, large battery capacity, good cycle performance, low internal resistance, and flexible design. Four increasing need in digital field, new energy vehicles, drones and energy store will become the driving force for the continuous increase of the market share of soft pack batteries.

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With the development of electronic products in the direction of miniaturization, intelligence and wearability, the battery is required to have the characteristics of small size, lightness and flexibility, and the aluminum-plastic film of lithium battery, with its excellent comprehensive performance, is widely used in smart phones, tablets, etc. It is widely used in consumer electronic products such as computers and wearable devices, and the growth rate far exceeds the average level of the lithium battery industry.

8079 aluminum foil is a key material for the soft pack lithium battery, which is used to seal and protect monolithic lithium batteries. It has extremely high barrier properties, good heat sealing performance, acid and alkali resistance, good ductility and mechanical strength.

The strength of 8079 aluminium foil can reach 90-110Mpa, the extension is 13%-18%, the cup protrusion is 6.2-7.3mm, and the surface is free of oil stains, pinholes, bumps, scratches, oxidation, foreign matter wrinkles, etc. What are the advantages of wrapping battery in aluminum foil?

1. Good safety performance: The aluminum foil of the soft-pack battery makes the electrolyte in the battery less leaking, and in the event of a safety hazard, the soft-pack battery will not explode.

2. Lightweight: The weight of the soft packaging battery is 40% lighter than that of the steel shell square battery of the same capacity, and 20% lighter than the aluminum shell square battery.

3. Large battery capacity: the soft pack saves 20% of the volume, which is 50% higher than that of the steel shell battery of the same size and 20-30% higher than that of the aluminum shell battery.

4. Good cycle performance: the cycle life of the soft pack battery is longer, and the decay after 100 cycles is 4% to 7% less than that of the aluminum case.

5. Small internal resistance: The internal resistance of the soft pack battery is smaller than that of the lithium battery, and the minimum domestic resistance can be less than 35mΩ, which greatly reduces the self-consumption of the battery.

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